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Ignacio Leon Y Escosura

Spanish 1834 - 1901
Ignacio Leon Y Escosura was a painter of genre subjects who was born at Orviedo. He was a pupil in Paris of Gerome and painted interior and garden scenes with historical figures in 17th or 18th century costume.

Escosura was a prolific artist and whilst his early images were poorly finished he later developed a very distinctive style in which he created expressive genre pieces with a fine, almost photographic quality. Because of his deep understanding of human anatomy and his painterly skills, this often resulted in fine, expressive genre pieces that have a fresh, realistic quality.

His works include “The Breakfast”, “Walk in Aranjuez”, “Phillip IV presenting Rubens to Velasquez” 1867, “Murillo with the Capuchins”, “Gallery of Phillip IV in the Prado” 1868, “Studio of Velasquez”, “Lucrezia Borgia in Venice” 1869, “The Implacable Enemies”, “Artist’s Friends in Time of Louis XIII.” 1870. ”Convalescent Prince” 1872, “Morgan sale, New York” 1886, “Reception of an Ambassador”, “Unexpected Visit”, “Going to the Audience”, “Fight in Rue de Rivoli, Paris”, “Charles V. at Titian’s” 1882 “End of the Game” 1884.

Works by this artist…

  • The Discussion
    The Discussion
    ( ref : 9709 )
  • The Letter
    The Letter
    ( ref : 10036 )
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