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Henry Hillingford Parker

British 1858 - 1930
Henry Hillingford Parker was born in London and was based there for most of his life. He specialised in picturesque pastoral landscapes in oils often featuring farming subjects, such as harvesting and haymaking, river and coastal landscapes and traditional rural buildings. Most of his work was carried out in the southern counties of England.

He studied art at St. Martins School of Art and later at one of the Royal Academy schools. Though a popular and successful artist, he never featured in any major national exhibitions during his lifetime (though he did exhibit in Canada and the USA), and not much is known about his life.

His works show not only the influence of the impressionist school, but also owe something in technique and subject matter to his well-known contemporary Benjamin Williams Leader.

Parker was undoubtedly at his best when painting country scenes; the skill with which he represents the surrounding landscape is particularly commendable, especially in a more prestigious work such as this. Parker’s style could be described as atmospheric; his canvases have a powerful sense of movement, conjured by the vigour of his brushwork.

He also worked for a time as an illustrator for the Illustrated London News.

Parker also painted under the names H.D. Hillier or H.D. Hillyer.

Works by this artist…

  • A Coastal Harvest
    A Coastal Harvest
    ( ref : 15471 )
  • Cattle Watering on the Thames nr Goring
    Cattle Watering on the Thames nr Goring
    ( ref : 15329 )
  • Boating on the Thames, Cliveden Woods
    Boating on the Thames, Cliveden Woods
    ( ref : 15266 )
  • Homeward Bound
    Homeward Bound
    ( ref : 14955 )
  • Cattle Watering
    Cattle Watering
    ( ref : 14977 )
  • On the Banks of the Ouse
    On the Banks of the Ouse
    ( ref : 15104 )
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