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Your very own affordable Fine Art purchase plan

Haynes Fine Art are pleased to present what we believe is a first in the Fine Art market. Haynes Fine Art is making available the first ever Fine Art an interest free affordable purchase plan. After many years of clients asking if we would consider offering such a scheme we are now taking the first steps to lead the Fine Art and Antiques market into this area. We hope this will encourage collectors to expand their collections into areas they have previously been considering and that they will see our new scheme as an opportunity to make purchase decisions previously sidelined for other projects. As Haynes Fine Art own 95% of their stock of up to 2,500 paintings outright they are able to exercise such a scheme without other parties influencing the sales terms available.

Your Interest-Free Purchase Plan

The new Haynes Fine Art Quality Art for Your Home 2 year interest free purchase plan, makes buying beautiful paintings even easier

At Haynes Fine Art, the 2 year interest free payment plan means that you pay no interest at all on whatever painting you choose. Unlike some retailers, it's on every painting we sell at the figure shown on the label or the advertised price there are no exceptions. If you have the chance to buy it now, defer payments and avoid interest during the deferral period, then why wait to go ahead. You can keep earning interest on your money in the bank and pay the bill in full later with the money you've already saved.

What payment terms do I have to pay over 2 years?

You can choose to pay for your paintings over a shorter time than 2 years. Haynes Fine Art give you the flexibility of having a totally interest free purchase plan over 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months - all available on the painting(s) of your choice. The sooner the payments have been made the quicker your painting will be available for you to hang in your home. We even provide a team to do that for you! (Uk mainland only).

Can you tell me all the interest free purchase plan options available?

At Haynes Fine Art we have a massive range of payment options, all totally interest free, so there is sure to be one that suits you. For further information please email Tony Haynes on tonyhaynes@haynesfineart.com.

When do my payments start?

You can choose. You can start paying for your painting upon agreeing the purchase or after an agreed deposit delay your 2nd payment and pay nothing for 3 months. The payments can be made in agreed increments from the date of purchase over the agreed term.

Cancellation Charges

In the event of a cancellation we will refund payments made deducting 20% of the total purchase value as an establishment fee for setting up the purchase, reservation of stock and service fee.

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