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Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann

German born 1815 - 1893
Reinhard Sabastian Zimmermann was a painter of genre scenes and figurative subjects, he was born at Hagenau on January 9th 1815.

Zimmermann was a pupil of the Munich Academy where he was greatly influenced by Robert Eberle. He lived and worked in Paris between 1844 and 1845 as a portrait painter and then visited England and Belgium before returning to Munich in 1847 and attained his first great success in 1850 with the humorous Three Magi, followed by numerous masterly and characteristic genre pieces of brilliant execution.

He was made a member of the Berlin Academy in 1886 where he won a gold medal. Zimmermann’s works include “Expensive Bill”, “Peasants at the Castle” 1853, “Beggar Musicians” 1854, “Interior in Schleisshiem Castle” 1856, “Vaccination Room” 1858, “Love Letter” 1859, “Anniversary in Munich” 1861, “Fishermans Hut”, “Newspaper Reader in Tavern Room” 1862, “Anteroom of a Prince”, “Quatering of French Soldiers”, “Circulating Library”, “Peasant Wedding” 1867, “Interrupted Game of Cards” 1869, “Public Dinner”, “News of Victory” 1875, “Village Youth as Landwehr”, “Convent School in Ottobeuern” 1879, “Before Music Rehearsal” 1880, “Monk Artists”, “Quartette”, “Scene in Village Inn” 1881.

Zimmermann’s paintings can be found in many Museums and Art Galleries throughout the world.

Works by this artist…

  • A Hand to Beat
    A Hand to Beat
    ( ref : 5786 )
  • Too Late
    Too Late
    ( ref : 6728 )
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