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Adolphus Knell

British fl. 1860-1890
Adolphus Knell exclusively painted marine subjects and flourished during the latter part of the 19th Century. His work has become widely collected in recent years and may be due to the fact that he was quite prolific and that the quality of his work remained high.It is accepted that he was the brother of William Callcott Knell and the son of William Adolphus Knell, both of whom were highly regarded marine painters. He lived in Bristol and was originally a furniture decorator in Bath.Knell’s work seems generally to be on the small scale although the occasional larger paintings have been seen. He tended to favour dawn and moonlight estuary scenes for the larger part of his output and rarely put the time into such detailed works such as these.

Works by this artist…

  • Storm Approaching
    Storm Approaching
    ( ref : 8073 )
  • Hay Barges in a Calm at Sunset
    Hay Barges in a Calm at Sunset
    ( ref : 15966 )
  • Morning Shipping
    Morning Shipping
    ( ref : 15882 )
  • Thames Barges (a pair)
    Thames Barges (a pair)
    ( ref : 14736 )
  • Thames Barges (a pair)
    Thames Barges (a pair)
    ( ref : 14736B )
  • Shipping off the Coast (a pair)
    Shipping off the Coast (a pair)
    ( ref : 15122B )
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