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Emille Pierre Metzmacher

French 1815-1890
Emile Pierre Metzmacher was a genre and a portrait painter, who was born in Paris in the 19th Century.A student of Boulanger, Gleyre and Willems, Metzmacher debuted at the Salon in 1863. He obtained honourable mentions for his work in the years 1879 and 1889.The immediate impression of this artist’s work helps underline his stature in 19th Century European Art History. There is an air of importance and unquestionable quality about his work. The high finish of his paintings tells us we are dealing with a master artist. His fluidity of lines and natural air gives his subjects room in which to cast their spell.

Works by this artist…

  • An Elegant Maid
    An Elegant Maid
    ( ref : 8388 )
  • Her First Steps
    Her First Steps
    ( ref : 10685 )
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