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Georgina Lara

British fl. 1862 - 1871
A painter of farmyard and village scenes, Georgina Lara exhibited at the British Institution as well as exhibiting sixteen works at Suffolk Street.

Very little in fact is known about her life. Her work is sometimes attributed to Edward Masters, whose style is very similar to her own.

Lara’s work is noted for her putting large numbers of doll like figures into her paintings and setting them in country and village scenes where they are going about their daily chores and duties. As a rural idyll we might all like to emulate today, the artist’s work remains very collectable.

Works by this artist…

  • Village Scenes
    Village Scenes
    ( ref : 13202 )
  • Village Scenes
    Village Scenes
    ( ref : 13202 )
  • Village Life
    Village Life
    ( ref : 8420 )
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