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Horatio Henry Couldery

British born 1832 fl. 1861 - 1893
Horatio Henry Couldery was an animal painter who excelled at his portrayal of cats, kittens and dogs.

Born the son of a painter and apprenticed to a cabinetmaker, Couldery soon realised his true vocation when, at the age of 25 he entered the Royal Academy Schools. Known predominantly as a painter of cats and dogs, his work is tightly painted with great attention to detail.

Couldery exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1861 and 1892, as well as at the British Institution and Suffolk Street.

John Ruskin commented that his work was ‘skillful, detailed, in sympathy with a kitten's nature, sensitive to the finest gradations of kittenly meditation and motion - unsurpassable’. We think he was right!

Again in 1875 Ruskin commented that one of Couldery 's paintings was " quite the most skillful piece of minute and Duereresque pieces of painting in the Royal Academy exhibition."

Works by this artist…

  • Sitting Proudly
    Sitting Proudly
    ( ref : 15531 )
  • Maternal Affection
    Maternal Affection
    ( ref : 7561 )
  • Whilst the Sleeping Dog Lies
    Whilst the Sleeping Dog Lies
    ( ref : 10458 )
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