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Johannes Frederick Hulk

Dutch 1855 - 1913
Johannes Frederick Hulk was born in Amsterdam in 1855. He exhibited in Brussels and in London. Hulk specialised in town and village scenes with a few marine views. He was a pupil of his brother Abraham Hulk Snr, K Karesen and the Amsterdam Academy.

Hulk was a skilful townscape painter who delighted in architecture and was always most conscientious in his depiction of detail. The artist excelled in these town and quay scenes. The predominant feature of these was the definite geometrical pattern made on the panel by the “close up” technique, giving an exciting immediacy to the populated scene. He was a master artist, able to conjure up subtle colour, atmosphere and the vastness of the scene before him with a wonderfully trained eye.

Works by this artist…

  • North Holland
    North Holland
    ( ref : 7405 )
  • Market Day in Amsterdam
    Market Day in Amsterdam
    ( ref : 10779 )
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