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Jean Baptiste Jules Trayer

French 1824 - 1909
Jean Baptiste Jules Trayer also known as Jules Trayer was a painter of genre scenes and figurative subjects. He was born in Paris in 1824 and studied painting under his father and also Llequien.

Trayer painted family scenes in which the heads are of superior merit, winning 3rd class medals for his works in 1853 and 1855.

His works include “Last Bunch of Grapes”, “Empty Basket”, “Last Look” and “Interiors” 1848, “Shakespeare listening to the reading of one of his Plays in the Crown Tavern”, “Leonardo and his Pupils” 1850, “Girl Sewing”, “Woman Spinning”,

“The Lesson in Embroidery” 1853, “Sewing School”, “Too Much Work” 1855, “Retinue”, “Grain Market” 1857, “Serenity” 1859, “Tapestry”, “Prayer”,

“Anxiety” 1861, “First Sighs”, “Public Garden” 1863, “Gathering Mussels at Dieppe” 1864, “Interior in Savoy”, “Twins” 1865, “Pancake Seller” 1866, which can be found in the Museum of Luxembourg. “Alphabet” 1868, “Girls School”, “Two Sisters” 1869,

“Sisters of Charity” 1870, “Seamstresses of Pont-Aven” 1872,

“A Little Sunlight” 1873,”Seamstresses” 1874, “Young Woman and a Child” 1875,

“Treport Fishwives waiting for Low Tide” 1879, “Dozing” 1882,

“Concarneau Cloth Shop on Market Day” 1883, “At Concarneau” 1884,

and “Rag Market” 1886.

Works by this artist…

  • The Seamstresses
    The Seamstresses
    ( ref : 7314 )
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