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William Mellor

British 1851 - 1931
William Mellor was a Yorkshire landscape painter, who was born in Barnsley. He did not exhibit in London, but his works frequently appear on the market. He worked in Ilkley, Scarborough and Harrogate.

Mellor travelled widely and was inspired by the landscape of North Wales and the North East, particularly Yorkshire. His landscapes are easily recognised; and are generally scenes in summer or early autumn. Travelling in winter was not a pleasant undertaking even in the 19th Century.

With England offering up some of the most poetic and beautiful landscape in the world, we have a lot to thank the 19th Century landscape artists for. Mellor’s concept was aided by rich pickings, from the calm waters and undulating landscape of the English countryside to the rugged and strong scenery of North Wales. With strength of composition and patient observation Mellor painted enchanting records of Britain’s timeless landscape.

The most distinctive feature of Mellor’s paintings is the meticulously delicate rendering of trees and foliage heightened by the rich English sunlight that bathe the scene. Mellor was one of a few who knew so well how to reproduce the peaceful side of nature in its bountiful beauty.

Works by this artist…

  • On the Rothay, Westmorland
    On the Rothay, Westmorland
    ( ref : 16223 )
  • Near Barnard Castle
    Near Barnard Castle
    ( ref : 9348 )
  • A Secluded Pool
    A Secluded Pool
    ( ref : 15088 )
  • Fishing in Peaceful Waters
    Fishing in Peaceful Waters
    ( ref : 15089B )
  • The Kingfisher Pool
    The Kingfisher Pool
    ( ref : 15089A )
  • A Peep of Windermere, Westmorland
    A Peep of Windermere, Westmorland
    ( ref : 10742 )
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